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JK Brickworks’ Infinite LEGO Domino Ring

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What if a ring of dominoes could fall forever? This was the idea behind JK BrickworksInfinite LEGO Domino Ring, a theoretically never-ending circle of red LEGO dominoes that are automatically set upright after they fall.

testing the lift mechanism

“The ring contains 64 dominos. A ramp runs along the inside of the ring, opposite the falling dominos, to lift them back up. A Mindstorms EV3 is used to monitor and control the speed of the ramp so that it matches the falling dominos.”

domino ring in action
For additional details on the design, build, and testing of the Infinite LEGO Domino Ring, turn on closed-captioning. JK Brickworks’ Jason Allemann writes:

“The EV3 measures the time between each state change of the monitored domino. The goal is for t1 and t2 to be equal. The speed is adjusted accordingly once pre revolution. The data is displayed on the EV3 screen. It also includes total time elapsed and total domino fall count (64 per revolution).”

setting up the timing mechanism
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