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Foods transform into DIY instruments in this stop-motion commercial

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Athens, Greece-based G Design Studio has worked with the Athens State Orchestra for many years. In their 2015-2016 promotional campaign, the designers created DIY musical instruments from fruit and vegetables.

peeling carrot
vegetable instruments
This short stop-motion commercial by Clem Stamation transforms a cantaloupe, cabbage, carrots, fennel, a squash, peas, and a radish into a drum, a pan flute, and a lyre harp. From G Design Studio:

“We hand-carved string, wind and percussion instruments from fruits and vegetables sourced from the local farmer’s market. We wanted to use something affordable and accessible to communicate the idea that creativity can be a positive catalyst for change, even in the worst-case scenario.”

Athens State Orchestra promotional booklet
DIY musical instruments made with food
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