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Nari confronts a flying noodle dragon in Cold Lunch, an animated short

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Unlike the sandwiches her friends bring to school, Nari’s lunch is a container of japchae, a delicious Korean dish with stir-fried veggies and sweet potato glass noodles.

But Nari frets over what her friends might think of her lunch. What if they wrinkle their noses at the unfamiliar smell? What if they tease her about it? Feeling self-conscious, the Korean-American girl tries to discreetly hide the japchae.

Suddenly, much to her surprise, the lunch transforms into a playful noodle dragon that flies through the school halls toward the cafeteria. Can Nari catch the spirited creature before it causes a stir?

Cold Lunch is a 3-minute animated short created and directed by Jin Pei Lua and Insun Park, computer animation alums from Ringling College of Art and Design.

Nari and the noodle dragon
Pair this with Gloo Books’ Very Asian Guide food book series, a TKSST Gift Guide recommendation.

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