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Phoenix Renewables, the world’s first 100% solar bus fleet

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The world’s first 100% solar bus fleet is revolutionizing transportation in Maiduguri, Nigeria. Through his company, Phoenix Renewables, 30-year-old Mustapha Gajibo and his team of engineers, mechanics, technicians, and drivers created a solar-powered transportation system.

“Mustapha’s team refits gasoline minibuses with electric motors and battery packs,” this 2022 Deutsche Welle (DW) REV video explains.


“Charging takes about 35 minutes for a 150 kilometer range. The energy source is Maiduguri’s plentiful sunshine, captured by more than 150 solar panels. They’ve so far converted 10 minibuses and more than 50 tricycles that are in service on the roads of Maiduguri.

“Small, flexible transport options such as minibuses are crucial to life in many cities around the world. But most still run on heavily-polluting gasoline or diesel. Though Nigeria is one of the world’s biggest oil producers, people in the country regularly suffer from shortages and high prices at the pump.”

charging a bus
The solar-powered buses are a significant improvement for riders, providing a cleaner, quieter, more reliable, and more affordable mode of transport. And it’s now a model for cities across Nigeria and around the globe. From MIT Technology Review in 2023:

“State and local governments are now taking notice. In early 2022, for example, the governor of Borno State, where Maiduguri is situated, commended Gajibo’s work and awarded him 20 million naira (about $45,000) for research and development, as well as 15,000 square meters of land for a factory…

“Gajibo’s ultimate goal is to compete with Tesla and other bigger brands. ‘We want to have our vehicles driven in New York, London, Munich, and other big cities across the world,’ he says.”

electric bus in the city
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