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True or Poo? A trivia game show with Tumble Science

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What is true and what is poo (or false) about snot otters, clownfish, and hooded seals? Find out with our friends at Tumble Science Podcast for Kids. They’ve shared this trivia game show video via Zoom with Wingo the Bat from Puppet Telegrams and Orla in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It’s called True or Poo? Tumble’s Marshall Escamilla hosts.

The game show is based on the book True or Poo? by Nick Caruso and Dani Rabaiotti. Rabaiotti shares additional info around those true or false answers, too. “Play along with Orla as she tries to determine whether facts are true… or poo!”

Wingo, Orla, and Marshall
At the end of the video, Escamilla mentions a rather surprising koala fact. Watch this video and listen to the included Tumble Science podcast to learn more about that.

Plus, more puppets and more about Vampire Bats: Bloodthirsty… and Cuddly.

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