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Weather vs. Climate + Severe Weather – Crash Course Kids

Weather vs. climate… are they the same thing? In this episode of Crash Course Kids, Sabrina Cruz explains the differences: Weather refers to the day to day conditions of where you are on the planet. Climate refers to the average weather conditions of that place over a long period of time.

Examples: Nairobi, Kenya is known to be tropical — warm to hot and humid, whereas Punta Arenas, Chile has a subpolar oceanic climate. The classification of regions around the world, such as Köppen climate classification, also takes into account the kind of vegetation that grows there… and that can change over time, like when there is a drought.

Drought is considered severe weather, which includes tornados, blizzards, hurricanes, and floods. How do these extreme conditions interact with the geosphere and biosphere? Cruz discusses that, too:

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