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Boxlapse: Pea, Tomato, Basil, and Cucumber plants grow in time lapse

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Watch a pea sprout and grow into a tall plant in this Boxlapse video. The time-lapse covers 36 days and makes an excellent video introduction for planting peas at school or at home. Boxlapse planted the pea against the clear container’s side so that its initial root growth is visible, as well.

In this next video, a cherry tomato plant grows from a slice of the tomato placed in the soil. The video runs in reverse in the last few seconds, covering the plant’s first 19 days and back again.

Basil thrives in this next Boxlapse video covering 40 days of growth. Its large leaves thrive before the footage reverses.

See a cucumber plant grow from seed to fruit in just under four minutes in the next video, a 60-day record of the plant’s growth, including cucumbers that didn’t succeed in growing completely. The Finland-based YouTuber writes:

This one was a bit tricky but it turned out alright after a bit of work.

The beginning went well but after I started filming the first three cucumbers they suddenly rotted away at the same time at day 45.

After that I started to take better care of the plant and added a piece of plexiglass so the fourth cucumber wouldn’t be in contact with the moist soil. Also removed the lower leaves when they started to get a bit dry to get a better view of the cucumbers.

Why didn’t the cucumbers grow? And how do cucumbers grow in nature? Follow this last video with Science Friday’s Unwinding the Cucumber Tendril Mystery and Li Ziqi’s The Life of Cucumbers.

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