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The Kid Should See This

Inside the LEGO Minifig Factory

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Go behind-the-scenes at LEGO’s Kladno, Czech Republic minifig factory where the specialized machines endlessly mold, jiggle, and stamp little plastic heads and bodies, completely assembling the company’s iconic minifigures. They even have machines that add the tiny hands into the tiny arms.

As Bloomberg explained in 2015, “If considered a population, Lego minifigures would be the world’s largest group – with over 5 billion having been produced.”

While factory sounds are included in the video, it does go silent through large sections. It’s a calming version for younger kids.

If you’re looking for more minifig factory excitement, Behind the Brick has a version with music, below.

lego factory heads
lego factory arms
lego factory faces
Check out more minifig factory photos at New Elementary.

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Plus: Drone footage of Denmark’s new LEGO House visitor center.

via The Awesomer.

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