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Two Dogs Dining

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An internet classic: Nono and Sia eat dinner at a fancy restaurant in Two Dogs Dining by Charlotte & Kristian Septimius Krogh.

two dogs dining
And if you like that one, here’s another by piccobellohunde with audience reactions, a live performance inspired by the video above: Le dîner de Mariele the German Shorthaired Pointer:

This little show took place in summer 2013. Mariele is sitting at the table and is looking forward to getting served. It took just a few training lessons for Mariele to get used to the situation because there is nothing further to do for her as to sit quite comfortable on a cushion and wait patiently for the food to come. Mariele is 12 years old and in younger years she worked as a rescue dog. She loves to make new experiences and she is very gentle. The temptation to wolf down sausages and meat would have been too strong to her. So we decided to serve carrots and potatoes which she likes too — but not too much.

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h/t @ClairMcEvoy.

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