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Zeus the great dane is the world’s tallest dog

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Two-year-old Zeus is officially the world’s tallest dog, as certified by the Guinness World Records. The Bedford, Texas great dane is 1.046 meters (3 feet 5.18 inches) tall, making it easy for him to drink water from the kitchen sink.

drinking from the sink
In this 2022 Guinness World Records video, Zeus’ human Brittany Davis talks about what it’s like to care for the tallest dog you’ve ever seen.

“‘Zeus is pretty famous at the Dallas Farmer’s Market,’ she said.

“‘Everyone knows him, and the vendors all know him. He gets extra treats and lots of attention.’

“Frequent stares and surprised reactions are common occurrences when Zeus is out in public…

jumping up

“Brittany says feeding the colossal canine gets to be quite expensive and urges those interested in owning a large breed to be prepared to spend money on dog food.

“Zeus enjoys six cups of ‘Gentle Giants’ large breed dog food in the morning and another six in the afternoon, which helps fuel his zoomies.

“‘When he gets the zoomies, he runs around for 30 seconds and jumps up on his chair once he gets tired.'”

tall dog coming home
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