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The incredible secret life of London’s bees

How are London's bumblebees like the city's cabbies and the Queen's guard? Get an incredible, up-close look at how bees can thrive in a bustling city, sometimes flying up to seven miles a day to look for food. "That's...

How does bumblebee barf create a queen?

What causes a baby bumblebee (the fuzzier and more weather-hardy cousins to honey bees) to become royalty remains a mystery. They don’t produce royal jelly but they produce a unique barf for their young. Enter entomol...

Can bumblebees teach each other to pull a string?

This worker bumblebee has been taught that if she pulls the string, she'll be able to get to the artificial blue flower's sucrose solution center. Scientists from the Bee Behavioural and Sensory Ecology Lab at Queen M...

A bumblebee dislodges pollen in slow-mo

Sonication or buzz pollination is the bumblebee's secret weapon of resonant vibration. When bumblebees (and a few other bee species) grab onto a flower and vibrate it by flying in place, securely attached pollen is di...

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