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Matthew Henson’s historic expedition to the North Pole

Six men on dog sledges are in the record books for being the first to reach the geographic North Pole on April 6, 1909: Four Inuit guides named Egingwah, Ooqueah, Ootah, and Seeglo, and two long-time partners in explo...

Step into a summer igloo (in 360°) as it’s being built

Though they're made from blocks of compacted snow, igluit (igloos) keep their residents well-sheltered by insulating from the cold and wind outside. In this 360° video from The New York Times, Adami Sakiagak and Tiisi...

How to Build an Igloo (1949) – National Film Board of Canada

Drawing from a lifetime of snow experience, two Inuit men in Canada’s Far North find a site full of hard-packed snow for their igloo, or iglu in Inuit. To insulate and protect against wind and cold, a quick, overnight...

Tuurngait – A child goes on a wild bird chase

In the Inuit mythology, « Tuurngait » are the spirits that play tricks to humans. To succeed, they often adopt the physical appearance of an animal… Adventure with an Inuit child and a wild bird ...

How to build an igloo: A clip from A Boy Among Polar Bears

In this clip from the BBC documentary A Boy Among Polar Bears, we get to watch how the Inuit people build the snow shelter known as an igloo, or iglu in the Inuit language. ("Snow house" is igluvijaq.) These temporary...

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