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Le grand éléphant des Machines de l’île à Nantes

Le grand éléphant des Machines de l’ïle à Nantes in France. From wikipedia:  In the warehouses of the former shipyards in Nantes, the Machines of the Isle is created by two artists, François Delarozière (La ...

Partir (leaving)

By Joanna Lurie, "partir" (leaving), a story of two creatures who adventure together along building walls and beyond, where each animation frame is drawn on a different wall in the city.  French translation for the ...

The Cook’s Atelier: Farm to table in Burgundy, France

Freshly-picked vegetables from Madame Loichet’s farm, prepared by mother/daughter team Marjorie Taylor and Kendall Smith Franchini of The Cook’s Atelier in Burgundy, France, and f...

Cheese-Flipping Robots and How Cheese is Made

So how does one make cheese? We know cheese is made from the milk of cows and goats, for example, but then what happens? From the book, How Did That Get In My Lunchbox, we know a bit, but th...

Østersøen by Ödland: Intricate stop-motion papercraft music video

This beautiful music video by Ödland was directed by Vincent Pianina and Lorenzo Papace for music written and recorded by Papace. It’s all made with paper, light and so many beautifully-crafted images. ...

Minuscule: The Caterpillar and the Brook (and more)

The Caterpillar and the Brook is from the animated series Minuscule. A French-made collection of short stories, Minuscule is about the private lives of ants, snails, bees, caterpillars, wasps...

Allo Allo {Deux Américains à Paris}

NYC film makers Robert Kolodny and Bennett Elliott (of Land of Nod) made this ode to Paris during a week-long visit with friends: Allo Allo {Deux Américains à Paris}. via Vimeo.

Bulles de savon géantes (Giant soap bubbles)

Sylvain lives in Paris and makes bulles de savon géantes! Giant soap bubbles! What I love about this video is that it appears to be in slow motion even though it’s not. Watch bubbles at this large scale; they un...

Snowboarding in a LED suit

Photographer and filmmaker Jacob Sutton captures pro snowboarder William Hughes in a L.E.D. suit during a night shoot in the Rhône-Alpes region of France. "I was really drawn to the idea of a lone character made ...

Flight Assembled Architecture

Let's travel to an art gallery warehouse, not far from Paris, to see, as roboticist Raffaello D'Andrea put it, "the very first installation to be built by flying machines." …four helicopteri...

Urban Flipper at Place des Célestins: Fête des Lumiere 2011

If you want to play pinball on the side of a building, contact the team (Carol Martin and Thibaut Berbezier) that did it on the facade of the Célestins Theater in Lyon, France for Fête des Lumière...

La Mer de Pianos: A film about the oldest piano shop in Paris

La Mer de Pianos: A lovely short film (in French with subtitles) about Marc Manceaux, the owner of the oldest piano shop in Paris. Merveilleux!

Protéigon: A shape-shifting papercraft stop-motion animation

Protéigon (perhaps polygon + protean?), a short film by Steven Briand. via This Is Colossal.

French cows love listening to jazz

Cows love jazz! Or maybe it’s just these French cows that love jazz. In any case, this video is a longer cut of the viral edited version. Good stuff.  Via @themexican.

L’homme 100 têtes

L'homme 100 têtes by JUL & MAT, from 2008. 

Birds from Pleix

Laser lights and slow motion dogs “flying” like birds? From Pleix, a community of digital artists in Paris, this 2006 viral classic is perfect for kids!

Sub City Paris / Sub City New York

Featuring music by Duke Ellington and the singular city where my oldest was born: Sub City Paris. The film is by Sarah Klein and Tom Mason, who previously did Sub City New York:   Watch ...

Flottille: Unfolding micro-origami by Etienne Cliquet

These small, slowly-unfolding, precisely cut pieces of silver paper -- a sort of micro-origami -- are by French artist Etienne Cliquet. The kid was riveted. Just two to three centimeters wide, Flotille explores both a...

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