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The Genius of Marie Curie

Dr. Marie Curie transformed science and society with her discoveries. Her scientific partnership with Pierre Curie and the story of their heroic efforts that led to the discovery of polonium and radium are legendary.....

Where Does Elv Belong?

"This is Elv, and he's from outer space. His family moved to a brand new place. He knows this now, but he didn't before, that home can be one place... or more." Enjoy the story of Elv, "a meditation on home, friend...

Sara Berman’s Closet

"And here we are, in the midst of elaborate trappings, of elaborate lives: An illumination of how important a modest life can be. This closet, all lined up with military precision and loving care, represents the unend...

The psychology behind ‘Us vs Them’ – BrainCraft

How do we weigh our own best interests against the best interests of others? This question can be extended beyond 'Me vs You' and into the 'Us and Them.' How do I weigh my family's self interests against the needs of ...

JR’s A Walker in New York City, an installation time lapse

French artist JR's photographic oversized street art often deals with human connections, preconceptions, prejudices, media portrayals, and other themes around community and identity. As part of the The New York Times'...

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