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The Wood Wide Web: How trees secretly talk to and share with each other

Trees secretly talk to each other underground. They're passing information and resources to and from each other through a network of mycorrhizal fungi—mykós means fungus and riza means root in Greek—a mat of long, thi...

Never-before-seen footage of baby clownfish hatching

This never-before-seen footage of baby clownfish hatching, is fascinating and rather adorable. Like tiny eyeballs in sacks attached to a rock, these little larvae wobble in the water's currents. With some help from th...

Symbiose, a stop motion animation by Rosalie Benevello

Two people explore the outdoors on a nature walk when it begins to rain. In their race to stay dry, they discover that they have a lot in common with the forest creatures around them... and they get a bit of help from...

Thousands Of Sharks Visit A Seamount

In the Pacific, a tiny island 300 miles away from the shore hides a giant mountain beneath the waves that forms a home for thousands of plankton feeding fish. These fish attract Tuna, and the Tuna attract thousands of...

Glowing, blooming fungi in time lapse – Planet Earth II

Update: The video has been removed from YouTube. You can find the BBC's Planet Earth II nature series on Amazon. Fungi, unlike plants, thrive in the darkness of the forest floor. They're hidden, until they begin to...

The Double-Crossing Ants to Whom Friendship Means Nothing

In the Tambopata National Reserve, located in the Peruvian Amazon, big-headed ants are 'hired' as bodyguards by young Inga trees who want to grow tall enough to reach the rainforest canopy. The rainforest is espec...

How Bees See the Invisible – It’s Okay to Be Smart

From It’s Okay to Be Smart and PBS Digital Studios, Dr. Joe Hanson explains mutualism and How Bees See the Invisible. There is more buzzing in the archives. 

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