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The moment scientists see the first photo of a black hole

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“It’s a seismic moment in astrophysics… After years of planning by over 200 international scientists, the data purported to show the very first image of a black hole is ready.” In the video above, a clip from the show Black Hole Hunters, the team convenes to see what image the data will reveal.

black hole hunters team
How is the event horizon of a black hole like a time machine? And why didn’t Albert Einstein think that black holes could exist? In this clip, How One Picture Would Prove Black Holes Actually Exist, we learn more about how this scientific breakthrough can test Einstein’s “most extreme” theoretical predictions. “Step one is just: ‘Did Einstein get it right?'”

Plus, in this Nature video, scientists, including the now-internet-famous Dr. Katie Bouman, react to first image of a black hole:

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