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Dusk drone flight over Iceland’s new Fagradalsfjall volcano eruption

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Lava flows from a massive volcanic fissure in Iceland, crawling like luminous tree roots or stretching like a fiery dragon across the landscape. The relatively small eruption is located near Fagradalsfjall volcano, an active peak that’s around an hour’s drive from the capital of Reykjavik.

Stunning footage of the lava field was captured at dusk during a livestream by drone pilot Isak Finnbogason.

Drones are an effective way to observe eruptions; the Icelandic Meteorological Office has warned that “gas pollution is high around the eruption and dangerous… Travelers are advised not to enter the area until responders have had a chance to evaluate conditions.”

“The event marks the third year in a row that the underlying Fagradalsfjall lava field has erupted,” Live Science reports:

“The latest eruption occurred on Monday (June 10) after several days of seismic activity. Scientists have recorded more than 7,000 earthquakes in the region since July 4, the largest of which was a magnitude 4.8 quake, according to a statement from the Icelandic Met Office…

“Lava is still trickling from the 1.7-mile-long (2.7 kilometers) fracture in the ground and flowing into a small, shallow valley to the southeast that could soon spill over. The surrounding area is uninhabited and the eruption poses no threat to infrastructure, according to the statement.”

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