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How bubble engineer Melody Yang makes mind-blowing bubbles

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Blowing bubbles might seem pretty simple, but when you’ve spent a lifetime studying the science and behavior of bubbles, setting world records and creating them for audiences around the world, bubble engineering can become a complex performance art.

In this Wired video, bubble engineer Melody Yang of the Gazillion Bubble Show demonstrates how she makes cube bubbles, bubble carousels, planet bubbles, and more. She also explains how the chemistry of the water and the local environment she’s in—hot and dry, humid, dusty, etc—can each require different bubble formulas for optimal on-stage bubbles.

Also from Wired: The Paper Airplane Guy demonstrates how to fold five paper stunt planes.

Then watch these bubble videos: The Bubble Artist: Su Chung Tai, The Bubbleologist, Bubble Device #4 at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum, and New Spring, mist-filled blossoms grow from a tree.

via Colossal.

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