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The Emma Watch, the invention that helped Emma Lawton write again

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Graphic Designer Emma Lawton would draw and write in her work and daily life, but after being diagnosed in 2012 with early-onset Parkinson’s disease, a neurodegenerative brain disorder, using her hands for these tasks became more and more difficult. The tremors she experiences hinder control of smooth or straight movements.

Lawton was introduced to Haiyan Zhang for the BBC’s The Big Life Fix, a television series that connects people facing huge challenges with designers and engineers.

writing with Parkinson's Disease

“I tend to kind of just avoid doing sketching or writing now because it’s just it’s not really worth it if you get something like that. Anything you could do that would just make my hand do what I want it to do, and to be able to sign my name would be an incredible thing.”

After Lawton explained her situation, she spent months collaborating with Zhang, inventor and Innovation Director at Microsoft Research Cambridge.

Haiyan Zhang
The result: A wristband that vibrates in a way that counteracts the tremor signals being send from Lawton’s brain to her hand. Watch the program promo above to see ‘the Emma Watch’ in action.

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