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Kangaroo Dundee and his baby kangaroos

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Chris ‘Brolga’ Barnes founded a Baby Kangaroo Rescue Centre and The Kangaroo Sanctuary in Alice Springs in Australia’s Northern Territory to care for adult and orphaned baby kangaroos. In 2013, the BBC captured his work with these marsupials in a series called Kangaroo Dundee. These preview videos provide a peek into the Brolga’s work with these animals in his 19-acre sanctuary. Above: Brolga bonds with baby kangaroos, trying to provide everything that their mother would normally provide. Below, Brolga’s uses pillowcases as DIY kangaroo pouches:

In this video, Brolga teaches twins Rex and Ruby to stick together outside:

As Rex and Ruby grow older, they’ll need to learn how to integrate into the wild social circles of the sanctuary’s larger animals. In this clip from Nat Geo Wild’s version of Kangaroo Dundee, Brolga introduces Rex, Ruby, and orphan Bluey to the mob, the Australian term for a troop of kangaroos:

The sanctuary’s ultimate goal is to raise and rehabilitate the animals in order to release them back into the wild. This clip shows what happens when the kangaroos are ready for release. Alice Springs Wildcare co-ordinator Cynthia Lynch helps with the process:

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