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The Fungarium and Millennium Seed Bank Partnership at Kew Gardens

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Most people know Kew Gardens as home of the world’s largest living plant collection but are not aware that it is also the location of an internationally important botanical research and educational institution. Going beyond the gardens as we know them, Lonelyleap produced two films for 2012’s Tropical Extravaganza Festival which showcase the behind the scenes work of Kew’s scientists whilst also exploring two of the festival’s themes, Earth and Air.

The first in the series explores the importance of fungi to all plants and ultimately all life on Earth through several members of the Mycology Department committed to the conservation and exploration of fungi.

The second film in the series looks at the work of the Millennium Seed Bank Partnership in Surrey, home to 10% of the world’s plant diversity, and how the Seed Conservation Department is helping to save wild plants and habitats for our future.

Kew Gardens Fungarium
Oh, all of those green boxes! And in the second video: we especially liked seeing how the different seeds can get themselves aroundβ€”file under seed dispersalβ€”not to mention all of the extremely important conservation efforts:

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