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LEGO Artist Ekow Nimako’s All Black LEGO Sculptures

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Using only black LEGO pieces, Ghanaian-Canadian LEGO artist Ekow Nimako is transforming the building community with his epic LEGO sculptures. Their fantastical themes are inspired by a mix of history and imagination. The bold forms capture light within their geometric details.

Colossal describes Nimako’s work as “rooted in the visionary realm of Afrofuturism, which ‘explores the intersection of technology and race to visualize a powerful future for the African diaspora’ through a hearty dose of hope and strength.” From the Daily Vice video above:

“The number one question that comes to me when people engage my work is, “what’s this made of?” And then [I say], “It’s LEGO.” “LEGO?” And then, you know, there’s this kind of surprise and shock and that to me is actually pleasing.”

The sculptures are described as his “monuments for Black youth,” artworks whose existence and creator are expanding representation in the culture of LEGO. It’s a purpose that he embraces as a former kid and a father of color.

“When it comes to my art it was very important for me to reflect myself, by my people, my experiences, and creating bold, powerful, magically-imbued children, melanin-rich children, you know… that’s amazing to me, and seeing that, because I’m trying to also fill a void…

Ekow Nimako

“Seeing young kids that just… their eyes wide and taking this in. And I know for a fact they haven’t seen anything from LEGO that was built this way you know and it makes me kind of reflect on my own childhood and think if that was me and I was seeing this, how would I react? And I would have lost my mind.”

LEGO locks
Ekow Nimako
See more of his LEGO sculptures on Instagram and on

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