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Orange Cat is Fascinating at the Bob Baker Marionette Theater

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The Bob Baker Marionette Theater is a beloved Los Angeles landmark. Founded in 1963 by the late Bob Baker and his partner Alton Wood, BBMT is one of the longest-running marionette theaters in the United States. It was named a historic-cultural monument in 2009.

While physically closed for live performances in their theater, the company has gone digital with Zoom puppet shows and an “At Home Happiness” series of their most iconic acts, including this Fascinating performance by Orange Cat.

orange cat
The Bob Baker Marionette Theater was in jeopardy of closing throughout 2020 but, thanks to community fundraising, the company can stay afloat through the end of 2021 when they hope to safely reopen their doors to audiences.

Follow Bob Baker Marionette Theater on Instagram and YouTube. They also have an online shop.

tap dancing
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