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When a Scottish Highland steer helps with the yard work

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What is curious and hungry Kyloe doing? He’s headfirst in the brush pile, finding a meal there despite having the rest of the forest to forage.

This amusing video update is from Marc Stewart, owner of Thistle Do Farm. A hobby farm turned animal sanctuary in the foothills of Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains, Thistle Do is home to internet famous Scottish Highland steer Kyloe and Hamish. Can you spot Kyloe below?

Spot Kyloe

“Kyloe Balloch Sandiland is the second Scottish Highland steer of Thistle Do Farm. He came to live with us about 4 years after Hamish, who needed a little brother to keep him company and keep him out of trouble. He’s just a few months younger than Hamish though he’s much smaller in size. Born a runt, Kyloe is similar in size to the Highland cows of Scotland from 700 or 1800 years ago.

“Being a runt caused Kyloe some problems at his first home. The other cows picked on him, pushing him off his hay, his grain and sometimes off his feet. When we went to bring him home, two people were literally able to pick him up and put him into the trailer. He only weighed about 250 pounds or so at the time. Now happy and content, Kyloe weighs a healthy 1,100 pounds. And in case you’re wondering, Kyloe is Scot-Gaelic for cow.”

Kyloe in brush pile
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