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Why isn’t the world covered in poop?

Each day, the animal kingdom produces roughly enough poop to match the volume of water pouring over Victoria Falls. So why isn’t the planet covered in the stuff? You can thank the humble dung beetle for eating up the ...

Grace Lehane plays her concertina for the cattle in Kilmichael Cork

Watch what happens when young Grace Lehane plays her concertina near a fine green field in the village of Kilmichael in Cork, Ireland. The now viral video was filmed by Denis Lehane and posted in July, 2017. A bit mor...

Powered by Poop at the Straus Family Creamery

Farms around the world are embracing sustainable practices and circular economy models that can help fuel and fund their farming as a part of the business. In this Flipside Science video from the California Academy of...

Vampire Bats: Bloodthirsty … and Cuddly – Skunk Bear

In this Skunk Bear episode, Adam Cole travels to 'bat paradise' (also known as the country of Panama) to meet with May Dixon and Dr. Gerry Carter of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute. There he gets a close l...

The science of milk

Milk is poured into cereal. We might want milk for our cookies or hot chocolate. We can use milk to bake. It's usually in our cheeses, butters, and ice creams. Milk is often the first thing we drink as newborn babies....

The Fungi in Your Future: Mushroom leather, furniture, and more

Mushrooms come in a wide variety of species, they recycle dead plants which helps to create nutrient soil, and they can be turned into food, furniture, packaging, leather, and more. Enter MycoWorks, a team of engineer...

The Meat of the Future – How Lab-Grown Meat Is Made

In 2013, Maastricht University physiologist Professor Mark Post created a lab-grown burger patty using muscle cells from a cow -- a world first, and a possible solution to the resource challenges that come with raisin...

Much A-Doo About Poo – Gross Science

Poop! Poop for fertilizer, heat, and electricity! Around 300 cows at Jordan Dairy Farm help generate energy and a nutrient-rich digestate, thanks to a specially built barn floor that collects their manure. Nearby, an ...

Why Do I Study Physics? by Xiangjun Shi

"Physics told me some crazy stuff. Say, I’m not just sitting here doing nothing. I’m actually fighting against Earth’s gravity. And I’m not sitting still. I’m spinning at a thousand miles...

Rube Goldberg Machine Cow

Via PopSci, Let This Rube Goldberg Machine Show You How Cows Eat And Poop. This is Cow by Nova Jiang. Watch more Rube Goldberg machines, kinetic sculptures, and chain reactions.

What’s the difference between horns and antlers?

What’s the difference between horns and antlers? The Brain Scoop's Emily Graslie explains.

French cows love listening to jazz

Cows love jazz! Or maybe it’s just these French cows that love jazz. In any case, this video is a longer cut of the viral edited version. Good stuff.  Via @themexican.

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