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One Town, Four Elements: Ytterby

There's a small town in Sweden that has not one, not two, not three, but four elements named after it. Those elements--yttrium(Y), terbium (Tb), erbium (Er), and ytterbium (Yb)--were discovered by part-time chemist Ca...

Ice music made on hand-carved ice instruments

Tim Linhart was an ice sculptor in Colorado. One day he carved an upright string bass from ice and was astonished at the beautiful sound it made. Now he is the founder of Ice Music, based in Luleå, Swedish Lapland. Ic...

Building a traditional Swedish snölykta (snow lantern)

This winter I was in sweden again, and built a traditional swedish "snölykta" (snow lantern) together with my father, trying to build a larger one than we did when I was a child. And we actually managed! (Since usuall...

Scissors attempt to make A Small Escape

A pair of scissors attempts to make A Small Escape (Den Lilla Flykten) by Stockholm-based CG artist David Sandell. The short was Best Animation winner at Sweden’s Sveriges Kortfilmfestival 2016.

B.B. King – Live performance in Stockholm, Sweden (1974)

From his visit to Stockholm, Sweden in 1974, this is B.B. King and his band playing live at Konserthuset, The Stockholm Concert Hall. The performance starts at 1m20s. The opening of the video is a brief interview with...

Frozen bubbles: Ice crystals form on bubbles in real time

Watch ice crystals form in real time on these spinning and floating soap bubbles, filmed in -40°C weather in Northern Sweden. The crystalized spikes grow outward quickly as the low sun lights the surfaces of the spher...

Watch a time lapse sunset through a solar telescope

Seeing the sun set can already be a breathtaking experience, but observing the sun with a solar telescope reveals incredible details — such as sunspots and solar filaments — that we could never safely see ...

What Does the World Eat for Breakfast?

What Does the World Eat for Breakfast — in Egypt, Vietnam, Sweden, or where you live? While these showcased morning foods are only some of the possible breakfasts in each of these countri...

Traditional Swedish Woodworking (1923)

Traditional Swedish Woodworking: This black and white footage from 1923 may have no sound, but the kids were still riveted as we watched these fellas use their hand operated tools to make cl...

Bubble freeze: Ice crystals form on a bubble in just a few seconds

It doesn't take more than a few seconds for ice crystals to form on a soap bubble when it's -30c in Northern Sweden. Next: Watch more videos about ice, ice crystals, and bubbles. via Daily Picks and Flicks.

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