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Petrified Forest National Park & how petrified wood is made

Fallen coniferous trees from 211-218 million years ago can be found scattered across the desert of eastern Arizona in the form of petrified wood. Made primarily from quartz, these geological wonders are actually fossi...

What do baby sloths sound like?

Clinging and climbing at Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica, these baby sloths demonstrate their adorable squeaks. Animalist visited the sanctuary for Sloth Week in June, 2014 to interview sanctuary founder Judy Avey-Arroy...

Satellite Tracks Saharan Dust to Amazon in 3-D – NASA

Watch 182 million tons of dust ride the wind out of Africa's Sahara Desert in 3D, as tracked from 2007 through 2013 by lidar, thanks to CALIPSO, the Cloud-Aerosol Lidar and Infrared Pathfinder Satellite Observation sa...

Leaf Mimic Katydids: Uniquely disguised as dead & diseased leaves

this Leaf Mimic Katydid really commits to its ability to hide in plain sight. Filmed in the in the Ecuadorian Amazon's Yasuni National Park, it's holding as still as possible. From Krulwich Wonders: They're not c...

Butterflies that drink turtle tears for the salt content

Watch a butterfly drink turtle tears from a Yellow-spotted Amazon River Turtle (Podocnemis unifilis). Wait, what? It’s true: butterflies and bees will drink turtle tears as a source of sodium and minerals. In ...

The flannel moth caterpillar is furry, brightly colored, & venomous

This is a flannel moth caterpillar, or Megalopyge opercularis, walking on a tree in the Ucayali Amazon basin, north of Pucallpa in Peru. The video, filmed by Ollie Boon, showcases the caterpillar’s cute and furr...

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