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Evolution 101 & how natural selection works – NOVA PBS

What is evolution, how has it created Earth's biodiversity, and how can a phylogenetic or evolutionary tree—a tree of life—help us better understand how different species are related? Learn some basics from this Evolu...

Marie Tharp: Uncovering the Secrets of the Ocean Floor

In the early 20th century, Alfred Wegener proposed a revolutionary idea: that the Earth’s continents were once joined together, and had gradually moved apart. The idea contradicted almost everything scientists thought...

Petrified Forest National Park & how petrified wood is made

Fallen coniferous trees from 211-218 million years ago can be found scattered across the desert of eastern Arizona in the form of petrified wood. Made primarily from quartz, these geological wonders are actually fossi...

Animated Life: Pangea – The story of Alfred Wegener

Sometimes scientists spend their time riding in a hot air balloon, driving a dog sled, hunting seals, traveling on Greenland ice masses, flying box kites in the cold arctic evenings, and thinking about jigsaw puzzles ...

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