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African bullfrogs battle for the center of the pond

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The African giant bullfrog, also called the pixie frog, might be best known for two things: 1. It’s one of the largest frogs on the planet, some reaching 24 centimeters or 9.5 inches in diameter. 2. Males are aggressive with each other and will compete for dominance of their lek or territory for breeding.

aggressive bullfrogs
The bullfrogs’ competitive drive is brilliantly showcased in this action-packed Bullfrog Battle Royale clip from the BBC’s The Mating Game, a nature documentary narrated by Sir David Attenborough.

“The males occupy the center of the pond and fight to hold a place there. Their calls will attract females but they will have to get to the center if they’re to meet the strongest males. So if a male is going to mate that’s where he needs to be.”

The music and slow-mo make for an epic series of scenes.

flipped bullfrog
Why are these African giant bullfrogs called pixie frogs? Their scientific name is Pyxicephalus adspersus of the family Pyxicephalidae. More from the Oregon Zoo:

“African bullfrogs are the largest frog in southern Africa, with some reaching dinner-plate size. They range from South Africa north to Tanzania. They inhabit open country primarily at low elevations. African bullfrogs are carnivores and eat other frogs and birds.”

bullfrog battle
What’s the largest frog? The Goliath frog at 32 cm (13 in).

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Alternative: An orderly line.

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