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The Kid Should See This

Stop-motion LEGO Chocolate Cake

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Stop-motion baking with LEGO almost looks delicious in this LEGO Chocolate Cake animation. Watch as Tomosteen makes small plastic pieces flow like milk, tea, water, raw eggs, and soft frosting. The subtle color changes while mixing are especially nice, too. The little cat figurines approve.

The Japan-based channel’s video series is one in a trend of stop-motion cooking videos that use LEGO and other objects to create food-like results.

sugar and eggs
adding frosting to the cake
chocolate frosting
Previously from Tomosteen: LEGO Triple Layer Cheesecake.

Then watch the classic videos that started the trend:
• Submarine Sandwich, a PES stop-motion
• Western Spaghetti, the internet’s first viral stop-motion cooking animation

Plus: A chocolate biscuit cake that makes itself and these chocolate zoetrope cakes.

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