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Why does the full moon look larger when it’s near the horizon than when it’s high up in the sky? For generations, astronomers, psychologists, brain researchers, and many others have hypothesized about this effect, and yet there still doesn’t seem to be a definitive answer.

In this TED Ed, Andrew Vanden Heuvel explains The Moon Illusion, and the theories behind our perception of our moon’s size in the sky.

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Animals in South Dakota’s 244,000 protected acres of Badlands National Park include 39 mammal species, 9 reptile species, 6 amphibian species, 206 bird species, and 69 butterfly species.

Filmmaker Matt Brass documents some of them (including bison and bighorn sheep) in this landscape-filled film short, Badlands National Park, one in a series on nature and travel.

Inspired by literature, myth, and the creation of lore, director and animator Olivia Huynh tells this story, Borrowed Light, with great skill. Arae, a kid and the last patron of an abandoned observatory, is stealing lightbulbs from every socket in town. It’s an ambitious plan to eliminate light pollution and share a natural wonder that the entire city has been oblivious to.

Bonus from Huynh’s blog: juggling lightbulbs gifs.

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