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DIY kawaii donut animal stamps made with an eraser

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These kawaii donut animal stamps were carved out of a plastic Pentel Hi-Polymer block eraser, demonstrating how small components can add up to create cute and modular illustrations.

The ParadeMade YouTube channel‘s creator Jiahui Zheng documents how she cuts each simple piece, starting with a template, and then using ink color and a black pen to define the finishing touches. The final donut animal illustrations include a pig, a frog, a koala, a bear, and a cat.

These donut animal design tips can be used with any material or can be free-drawn with crayons, color pencils, or other available tools.

animal stamp components
Pentel Hi-Polymer erasers contain Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) plastic. To work with a more environmentally friendly material, look for an eraser that’s PVC-free or recycled rubber, or start with a biodegradable material like potatoes, cardboard, plywood, or battleship gray linoleum.

little donut animals
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