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Patouille by Clémentine Campos

A child sits bored on the steps of a house, until he finds joy in soaking up the colors in nature. Patouille, an animated short by Clémentine Campos, who writes that it's "un film réalisé pour les enfants et les gros ...

Crafting Cell Diagrams

Create your own cells with science enthusiast and STEM education advocate Ella K. Chan. In 2013, at the age of 12, she began sharing science activities for kids on her Sci Files YouTube channel. In this activity, she ...

Turning a brick of melted crayons on the lathe

What can you make when you melt 256 crayons? Peter Brown of Shop Time experimented with making a Rainbow Crayon Bud Vase on the lathe. Side effect: Shredded crayon bits everywhere.

How Crayons Are Made – Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood

Mix hot liquid wax, hardening powder, and some color pigment. Pour the mixture into a mold of small cylinders, and after it cools, pop them out! Label them, collate them, and box them. This classic 1981 crayon factory...

Magic Beard: Ben Garvin’s surprise-filled stop motion film

Magic Beard by Minneapolis photographer Ben Garvin. Warning: If you have a beard in your house, you may be asked to pull crayons out if it after watching this playful, surprise-filled stop mo...

Sesame Street: How Crayons Are Made

We love videos about how things are made, and factories can be amazing sights: all of that automation and machinery and movement… the marvel of mass production. So we especially love videos about how crayons ...

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