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Road painters painting road markings by hand

The painted lines and symbols on streets, in parking lots, and along our city and country roads are created with a variety of mobile machines, vehicles, and hand-painting techniques. In a parking spot in Sokcho, South...

What does the wheelchair symbol actually mean?

Some of the world’s most recognizable symbols exist to sell products. Others, to steer traffic or advance political causes. But there’s one whose main purpose is to help people. You may know it as the wheelchair symbo...

Genevieve von Petzinger & the invention of graphics on cave walls

Northern Spain's Cueva de El Castillo and Cueva de La Pasiega both contain incredible specimens of Franco-Cantabrian cave art, paintings and engravings in Cantabria province and southwestern France. El Castillo cave i...

Colors – A delightful visual collection by The Mercadantes

From the sun, to carrots, to the sky, to frogs, to fire engines, to grape jelly, to bubble gum, to all kinds of rainbows... Enjoy this celebration of the color (and color relationships) in our everyday lives: Colors, ...

Mexico City International Airport from a drone’s-eye view

Here's something we don't get to see everyday: a drone flying around the runways of an international airport. In close contact with the control tower and pilots, Mexico City-based drone photo and video company Postand...

Sign Songs – Electric Company

In the 1970s, You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown composer Clark Gesner made a series of found signage-based videos for PBS’ The Electric Company. The song above is our favorite becaus...

How vintage-style signs are made at Nutmegger Workshop

Watch how vintage-style signs are made at Portland, Oregon’s Nutmegger Workshop.

Behind the Signs: A Look at the DOT Sign Shop

From NYC DOT, Behind the Signs: A Look at the DOT Sign Shop: There are more than two million signs in New York City. Ever wonder where they come from? Many are made by DOT’s in-house sign shop based in Ma...

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