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The Art Of Making Noodles By Hand: Peter Song and Shuichi Kotani

Throwing, twisting, stretching, pulling, multiplying. In the first half of this Tasty video, Kung Fu Kitchen's noodle master Peter Song demonstrates how he handmakes his restaurants' famous noodles: Hand-making pr...

Making noodles by hand at Houston’s Uyghur Bistro

In the kitchen at Houston's Uyghur Bistro, chef Jacob Chen demonstrates two noodle-making techniques. The first sends clippings of noodle dough into (what looks to be) a broth on the stove. Chen's second handmade demo...

Japan’s high-tech conveyor belt sushi restaurants

What if food came to your restaurant table on a conveyor belt, kaiten-zushi or carousel-style? In this technology demonstration video from automation equipment company Hong-Chiang, we get to see Japan's famous conveyo...

Rescuing Leftover Cuisine & working together to reduce food waste

Rescuing Leftover Cuisine co-founder Robert Lee is working with a team of volunteers to deliver excess restaurant food to food pantries and homeless shelters in New York City. This video from Mic explains RLC's missio...

Making Baklava at İmam Çağdaş

Go behind the scenes at İmam Çağdaş, the famous restaurant in Gaziantep, Turkey that's been making baklava since 1887. The Perennial Plate teamed up with FoodieTV to show how İmam Çağdaş turns handmade, paper-thin fil...

The Perennial Plate: Kunming, China’s organic food movement

Lifen Yang is owner and chef of Tusheng Shiguan, a small farm to table restaurant in Kunming, a city in Yunnan Province, China. In the wake of so many food-safety scandals in her country, Lifen is working to bring org...

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