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Electromagnetic Levitation Quadcopter

On a visit to Hyperloop One, a Los Angeles-based team working to create a near-vacuum tube-based transportation system, Veratasium's Derek Muller got to check out this Electromagnetic Levitation Quadcopter demo. In th...

Welding in Space

On June 3, 1965, after America's first spacewalk was complete, the two Gemini IV astronauts, spacewalker Edward H. White II and command pilot James A. McDivitt, had trouble getting the hatch closed. They managed to, a...

What happens when you put marshmallows in a vacuum?

Thanks to this hand pump vacuum sealer demo, we can see how these four fluffy marshmallows will react when the air is pumped out of their clear container. Poof, poof, poof! What's going on here? From ...

The Hammer-Feather Drop in the world’s biggest vacuum chamber

...though in this case, "the hammer" is a bowling ball. In this excellent clip from the BBC's Human Universe: Episode 4, Professor Brian Cox visits NASA’s Space Power Facility in Ohio, home of the world's biggest vacu...

The Apollo 15 Hammer and Feather Drop on the moon (1971)

The Apollo 15 Hammer-Feather Drop: At the end of the last Apollo 15 moon walk, Commander David Scott (pictured above) performed a live demonstration for the television cameras. He held out...

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