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Types of Triangles, a Flocabulary math music video

This triangle is acute. Right triangle, obtuse. Isosceles, scalene. Equilateral, now you know the whole team. Learn the basics of triangles with Types of Triangles, a catchy and informative math music video from th...

How many ways are there to prove the Pythagorean theorem?

What do Euclid, 12-year-old Einstein, and American President James Garfield have in common? They all came up with elegant proofs for the famous Pythagorean theorem, one of the most fundamental rules of geometry and th...

A 3D printed mechanical laser show machine

Engineer, maker, and 3D printing enthusiast Evan Stanford has created a 3D printed, hand-cranked mechanical laser show machine that 'draws' with projected light. The drawn shapes are created with two rotating cams tha...

Mathematical Present Wrapping with Katie Steckles

When you're wrapping a variety of shapes, it can be a challenge to wrap them neatly, but with a bit of measuring, thoughtful folding, and practice, your cuboid, pentahedron or equilateral triangular prism, cylinder, o...

Notes on a Triangle (1966) by René Jodoin

From the National Film Board of Canada and director René Jodoin, this is Notes on a Triangle (1966), a ballet of three hundred geometric transformations, animated into divisions, alignments, and patterns. Waltz music ...

Odd – Mysteries of Vernacular

Odd. Odd. Say it a few times, and the word 'odd' sounds odd. Peculiar. Different from what is usual or expected. Of course, we also know that odd numbers can't be divided evenly into two groups. But where did this odd...

The Pythagorean theorem water demo

The Pythagorean theorem water demo: See the two smaller squares of water on the two shorter sides of a right triangle pour perfectly and equally into the area of the larger square on the longer side, known as the hypo...

The mathematical secrets of Pascal’s triangle – TED Ed

It's known as Pascal's triangle in the Western world, but centuries before that, it was the Staircase of Mount Meru in India, the Khayyam Triangle in Iran, and Yang Hui's Triangle in China. It can look complicated at ...

Matchstick Triangle Puzzle – The Curiosity Show

Get out some matchsticks or toothpicks and some Play-Doh! Deane Hutton, science educator and co-host of Australia’s The Curiosity Show, sets up two challenges that requires some hands-on creative thinking: 1. How ...

How to draw a Penrose Rectangle & other impossible objects

The Penrose Rectangle is what’s known as an impossible object, an optical illusion that is drawn to look like a three-dimensional thing that could never actually exist. If it’s hard to see at first, cover ...

We Can Be Ghosts Now by Hiatus featuring Shura

Director Tom Jobbins and team bring us on the epic journey of two colorful triangles in We Can Be Ghosts Now by Hiatus featuring Shura. More shapes and patterns in the archives.

Michael Moschen’s The Triangle

Master juggler Michael Moschen weaves rhythm, physics, and hand-eye coordination into this wonderful performance called The Triangle.  There are a few more jugglers juggling in the archives...

The Legend of Zelda Theme on Marimba

The Legend of Zelda theme song on marimba, snare drum, cymbal, bells, timpani, and triangle. Awesome. 

Classic Sesame Street: Changing shapes

A Sesame Street classic: Circle to square to triangle to rectangle… but don’t stop there! Watch more videos about shapes and, of course, more Sesame Street.

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