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Breaking Wave: An anamorphic kinetic sculpture

Small planet-like spheres hang on several miles of wire rope in this kinetic sculpture created by Plebian Design and Hypersonic. The 804 wooden spheres' heights and relationships are changed by the rows of rotating sh...

A pendulum wave demonstration with bowling balls

Thanks to these 16 bowling balls hung from a 20 foot wooden frame in the mountains of North Carolina, we can see what a large-scale pendulum wave apparatus looks (and sounds) like. Filmed by Maria Ikenberry, she also ...

The Physics Behind a Curveball – The Magnus Effect

What makes a curveball curve? How do soccer players (or football players internationally) bend the ball in the air? Physics! It's specifically called The Magnus Effect, "the commonly observed effect in which a spinnin...

Pass It On: Turning scraps into soccer balls for village children

In a village outside of Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo, this Congolese gentleman crafts found scraps of garbage into a homemade soccer ball. Though the region has been plagued with war, terr...

British Pathé: Cricket Balls (1956)

From the amazing British Pathé video archives, Cricket Balls (1956).

Stitching an Artisanal Football

This is how a football is stitched and laced by hand, as demonstrated in 2011 by LemonBall and Leather Head Sports founder Paul Cunningham, courtesy of director Pascal Perich and Etsy. Cunnin...

White Tiger Zabu plays with her ball

This is Zabu. She’s a White Tiger that lives at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida, and she likes to play with her big red ball (and lions).

How It’s Made: Baseballs

Using league standards that date back to 1872, this is How It’s Made: Baseballs. via Kottke.

2,000 ping pong balls and 30 middle-school teachers in Zero G

Because 2,000 ping pong balls and 30 middle-school teachers floating in “zero gravity” isn’t something you see everyday, the kids should watch (or rewatch!) this 2010 ScienceBob video. From northrop...

LEGO Rolling Ball Clock

Jason Allemann, who created these Lego mazes last year, built this beautiful and elegant Lego ball clock. The video shows how the rail system works with one ball being hauled up the chain e...

NatSciDemos: Rotating Saddle

Rotating Saddle (and the science behind it) from the NatSciDemos team: A playground ball finds stability in a saddle when the saddle is rotating at the proper speed.Mechanical analog of...

A red hot ball of nickel is dropped in a cup of water

A red hot ball of nickel is dropped in a cup of water, resulting in a most unexpected reaction, in this demonstration of the Leidenfrost effect by Carsandwater. via Laughing Squid.

French magic champion Yann Frisch

This is French “magic” champion Yann Frisch. Yann started juggling and practicing slight of hand at 10 years old and joined a circus school at the age of 17. He now is well-known f...

Japanese Juggling Festival 2012: Yanazo’s winning performance

The 2012 Japanese Juggling Festival was held in Tokyo in early October, where contact juggler Yanazo wowed the audience with his incredible balance and speed control of just one ball for half the performance. And the...

Liquid Nitrogen and 1500 Ping Pong Balls

Dr. Roy Lowry of Plymouth University in the UK made science explosively exciting for his class by demonstrating how powerful (and loud) it can be when the pressure of cold, trapped Liquid Nitro...

Everynone: Ball

With images from Google Search and music by J.S. Bach (“Nun Freut Euch”), Everynone and director Daniel Mercadante re-introduce the Ball. via Booooooom.

Pat the Roc in Let’s Go by Matt and Kim

Watch streetball player Pat the Roc (Patrick Robinson) show off some truly excellent ball handling skills in this video for Let’s Go, the first song off the album Lightning by Matt and Kim. And how ...

Sesame Street: Three Balls

Another classic from Sesame Street. And some fun animation voice work! 

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