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Eddie the Sea Otter plays basketball in the pool

Eddie the Sea Otter lives at the Oregon Zoo where he practices playing basketball in the pool to help relieve the arthritis in his elbows. via Viral Viral Videos.

Windless kite flying

Has the kid seen windless kite flying? Member of Team iQuad and recognized as one of the top Rev pilots in the world, Spencer Watson flew this winning indoor kite competition performance at the 2013 Windless Kite ...

Human-Powered Helicopters: Straight Up Difficult

NPR’s Human-Powered Helicopters: Straight Up Difficult! How difficult? The Sikorsky Prize from the American Helicopter Society has promised $250,000 to anyone that build’s a human-powered heli...

Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra – Take Me Out to the Ball Game (1949)

Starring Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra, 1949’s Take Me Out to the Ball Game. You know, just a couple of baseball players who also do vaudeville!

Everynone: Ball

With images from Google Search and music by J.S. Bach (“Nun Freut Euch”), Everynone and director Daniel Mercadante re-introduce the Ball. via Booooooom.

Soccer-playing robots

Bloopers by soccer-playing robots? Yes please! We loved watching the challenges faced by these little technological — and might I add, autonomous — wonders. The above footage is from Robocup 2010 (in Singa...

Skydive in a wind tunnel

Four skydivers do a choreographed dance in the Skydive Arena wind tunnel in Prague, Czech Republic.  The kid keeps asking to watch this classic viral video. I’ve explained about how the wind tunnel allows t...

Life-sized Hot Wheels: X Games Double Dare Loop

How cool would it be if your hot wheels cars were life-sized and could drive on massive looped tracks?! At the 2012 X Games in Los Angeles on Saturday June 30th, Team Hot Wheels professional ...

Pat the Roc in Let’s Go by Matt and Kim

Watch streetball player Pat the Roc (Patrick Robinson) show off some truly excellent ball handling skills in this video for Let’s Go, the first song off the album Lightning by Matt and Kim. And how ...

The first woman to win gold in both the Summer and Winter Paralympics

Alana Nichols of the women’s wheelchair basketball team admits she likes going “really fast.” “I love feeling my heart beat,” she says. Her competitive spirit...

Joe Ayoob Sets the Paper Airplane World Record

The world record for longest throw of a paper airplane has been broken. Joe Ayoob throws a John Collins design, officially breaking the world record by 19 feet, 6 inches. The new world record,...

Snowboarding in a LED suit

Photographer and filmmaker Jacob Sutton captures pro snowboarder William Hughes in a L.E.D. suit during a night shoot in the Rhône-Alpes region of France. "I was really drawn to the idea of a lone character made ...

What does it look like to be a hula hoop?

So what does it look like to be a hula hoop? The Original Helski in London shows us with a a small GoPro HD Hero camera and a 180 degree wide angle lens. Warning: might make you dizzy. vi...

Seven year old skateboarder Asher Bradshaw

Seven (now eight) year old Asher Bradshaw in Venice Beach, California. Thanks, @mutantmodel.

Cycle-Skating – The New Sport of 1923

Cycle-Skating - The New Sport of 1923!  via Stellar. 

Robbyn Magby: 720 double kickflip in slow motion

Robbyn Magby lands not one but two 720 double flips off the kicker at Riley skatepark in Farmington Hills, MI. Filmed with a Redlake N3 high speed camera at 1,000 frames per second. via T...

Taj Burrow’s Fiji Vignette 3/3

Australian Pro Surfer Taj Burrow's Fiji Vignette 3/3, shot & edited by Riley Blakeway. Via The Curious Brain.

The Bicycle Animation

Bicycle wheel animation by Katy Beveridge. Via Visual News.