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Easy Vegan Raspberry Brownie Ice Cream Bars

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Make this raspberry sorbet from just two ingredients—frozen raspberries and sweetened condensed coconut milk. Then sandwich it between two layers of not-too-sweet brownie to make a delicious end-of-summer treat: Raspberry Brownie Ice Cream Bars. Aube Giroux makes it look easy in this Kitchen Vignettes video for PBS Food.

Like this previously shared Chocolate Mousse recipe, Giroux’s brownie is made creamy with an avocado. Her recipe, as followed, is plant-based, gluten-free, and vegan.

You can also swap out the coconut milk dairy-based condensed milk if preferred, and use regular all-purpose flour instead of oat flour. Eat the sorbet and brownie batches sandwiched or separately.

picking raspberries in the garden
blending raspberries with sweetened condensed coconut milk

On her PBS Food blog, she writes:

On hot days, I find myself reflecting more than ever on the connection between what we put on our plates and the climate crisis we find ourselves in…

One thing I know for sure, you can’t really go wrong by striving to eat more locally-grown foods, whether it’s by supporting local sustainable farmers in your area, or having a garden. Shopping at farmers’ markets where there is much fewer plastic packaging and food hasn’t traveled very far is is a win-win because it also supports your local economy and agricultural community. And of course, probably the biggest impact we could all have would be to replace our consumption of factory-farmed meat with either vegetarian options, or locally-produced grassfed and organic meat and dairy.

Despite my questions about whether a vegan brownie is really better for the planet than a non-vegan one, I must say I thoroughly enjoy developing plant-based recipes. Not only do they force you to be creative with your ingredients but they’re truly delicious!

Giroux is a James Beard award-winning documentary filmmaker, organic gardener, and home cook. Follow @kitchenvignettes on Instagram and find more of her recipes on PBS Food.

the finished ice cream bars
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