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Le Petit Chef – Projection mapping with mini dinner animations

A table of four friends has ordered dinner, and look! It's already being served... by a miniature chef? He's catching the meal from a sea that's precisely mapped onto the tablecloth. This is Le Petit Chef - Bouillabai...

Harvesting carrots with ski lift-style ‘toplift’ machines

Watch organic carrots rise from the dirt and swing from the conveyor belt of a Dewulf carrot toplift harvester. Chop, chop, chop to their tops before they ride up an elevator for collection in crates. This machine dem...

Carrot Cake Parfait – From the Test Kitchen

In this episode of From the Test Kitchen, Food Editor Shira Bocar shows us how to make Carrot Cake Parfait, complete with cream cheese filling and apricot jam. Present the elegantly layered dessert in a stemmed glass ...

How to make a carrot clarinet

From renaissance flutes to rubber glove bagpipes, Linsey Pollak has been making instruments since 1971. An Australian musician and composer, his musical inventions help make playing music more accessible and fun for a...

Why do carrots taste sweeter in the winter?

From the University of California’s Fig.1 series, Molecular Biologist Liz Roth-Johnson explains why cold weather makes carrots taste more sweet: Because plants are immobile, they must develop defense techniques aga...

This carrot peeling machine is full of mesmerizing blades & rollers

When there are huge carrots that need peeling, but no one wants to peel them all by hand, get a Sormac carrot knife peeler, a carrot peeler that's full of knife-like blades and lots of industrial blue rollers. It's al...

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